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2017.10.7 Live House MOD'S (Okinawa) 40th Live 1Stage
2013.7.21 CROCODILE 27th Live
2013.2.11代官山Loop 26th Live
2013.1.27 江古田Buddy 25th Live
2012.10.7 CROCODILE 24th Live
2012.4.22 at shibuya GUILTY 23th Live
2011.7.17 at CROCODILE 10周年ワンマン Live
2011.1.15 at 江古田Buddy One-man Live
2010.12.5 at Mt.UJI Jazz Festival 2010 20th Live information
2010.8.1 at CROCODILE 19th Live
2009.12.5 at CROCODILE 18th Live
2009.11.8 at 六本木スイートベイジル結婚披露宴ステージ
2009.5.30 at赤坂B♭ 17th Live
2008.12.23 at Mt.UJI Jazz Festival 2008 16th Live
2008.8.16 at CROCODILE 15th Live
2008.2.9 at CROCODILE 14th Live
2007.11.3 at 浅草KURAWOOD 13th Live
2007.9.17 at CROCODILE 12th Live
2007.6.10 at shibuyaBOXX 11th Live
2006.10.22 at CROCODILE 10th Live
2006.2.11 at CROCODILE 5th Anniversary One-man Live
2005.12.17 ASAWA披露宴パーティー
2005.12.4 at CopaTokyo 8th Live
2005.7.24 at CROCODILE 7th Live
2004.10.24. at CROCODILE 6th Live
2004.7.18. at CROCODILE 5th Live
2003.10.13 at CROCODILE 初One-man Live
2003.9.27 at 横浜サムズアップThird Live
2003.2.2 at CROCODILE Second Live
2001.10.8 at CROCODILE First Live


対バンドでお世話になりました。Thank you very much.
2008.2.9 at CROCODILE 14th Live     Soul Commission/Dablack  
2007.11.3 at 浅草KURAWOOD 13th Live    Spicy Uppercut  POLE POLE 
2007.9.17 at CROCODILE 12th Live     sugar beat
2007.6.10 at shibuyaBOXX 11th Live    衝和ショッキング
2006.10.22 at CROCODILE 10th Live    RED SHAKERS 
2005.12.4 at CopaTokyo 8th Live         Sky Dogs/NITE CRAWLER/Tokyo King DX/Pole Pole

2005.7.24 at CROCODILE 7th Live       JOYZ

2004.10.24. at CROCODILE 6th Live     Shade Of Blue

2004.7.18. at CROCODILE 5th Live       Chitty Chitty Machine 
2003.9.27 at 横浜サムズアップThird Live   南條ソウルバンド
2003.2.2 at CROCODILE Second Live    CRUB HARD

2001.10.8 at CROCODILE First Live      Bad Family and ジェームス小野田